Cash For Junk Cars: 3 Ways To Get Rid Of A Junk Car And Get Paid For It

Posted on: 11 April 2022

When old vehicles become unroadworthy or too damaged to restore, most people don't get rid of them immediately. If the car has sentimental value, the owner will hold on to the beat-down vehicle. Such cars are referred to as junk cars because the owner does not want to fix or repair them. Hence, the only other option left is to dispose of the junk car.

Instead of letting a junk car accumulate dust for years on your property, you can make some money by getting rid of it.

If you are wondering how to get cash for getting rid of your junk car, here are four ideas you should consider.

1. Sell To Vintage Car Collectors 

What you consider a junk car could be a collector's item for a vintage car collector.

Sometimes, people consider their old vehicles junk because the amount of repairs and restoration required to give the car a new life is too expensive and probably not worth the effort. However, vintage car collectors are willing to spend significant sums restoring vintage cars to their former glory. Thus, there is a chance that the junk vehicle sitting in your garage or backyard is a collector's item and worth more than you think.

2. Sell To Used Auto Part Dealers 

If your junk vehicle doesn't meet the standards of vintage collectors—no need to worry because you can still sell the junk car piece by piece. Some parts and components of your junk car may still be in mint condition for reuse.

For instance, even if the engine is busted, some of the engine components might still be in good condition and can be reused in a different engine. Other reusable parts that you can salvage from a junk car include seats, electrical wiring, and door panels.

Approaching a used auto parts dealer is an ideal cash-for-junk cars option. Used auto dealers will come over to your residence and assess which parts of your junk car they can salvage as used parts. Be prepared to negotiate a fair price for your junk car's salvageable parts.  

3. Sell To Auto Salvage Yards 

Auto salvage yards are in the business of buying old, totaled, or junk cars for cash. When salvage yards buy rundown vehicles, they usually strip them down of all the reusable parts and sell the salvaged parts to used auto dealers. They sell the non-reusable metal parts back to vehicle parts manufacturers, where they are melted down and remolded into new car frames and panels.

Hence, If you want to get rid of your junk car and get paid for it, an auto salvage yard is an ideal option because they are willing to buy the entire junk car for cash on the spot.