Working With A Junk Car Buyer To Clean Up Old Vehicles From Your Property

Posted on: 23 February 2022

If you have a large piece of property that has some old cars and trucks parked on it, cleaning up the lot and recycling the vehicles is a good option. Working with a junk car buyer to get the vehicles hauled off the lot while making a little money at the same time can be beneficial and makes the clean-up much more manageable.

Finding A Buyer

When looking for ways to get rid of the old cars on your property, you may want to check with the local salvage yard to see if they are buying cars and trucks. Often the salvage operation will have a junk car buyer who will look at what you have to remove. 

If the vehicles are new enough that they still have good parts on them, the junk car buyer may make you a cash offer for the vehicles on the spot. The value of the cars is often tied to the retail value of the used parts on them, so vehicles with good parts will always sell for more than ones that are nothing but scrap metal. 

The buyer may take some time going over the vehicles before they give you a price, but once they have some idea of what they can sell off the cars, they will be able to offer you a price for them. If the vehicle runs but is totaled in a crash, make sure you let the junk car buyer know because it could affect the price of the car.

It is also an excellent idea to let the buyer know if the vehicle has some new parts because that can also affect the offer they give you. If the new parts are commonly sold parts like an alternator or starter, that will be good information for the buyer to have. 

Realistic Expectations

When you call a junk car buyer to give you a price for an old car or truck that you would like removed from the property, it is essential that you have some realistic expectations about the amount of money you will make when you sell the junk car. Most buyers are only going to pay a few hundred dollars for a vehicle in decent shape, and if the vehicle is so old and rusted that the only parts lets are scrap metal, they may not pay anything. 

If the car is scrap only, you will often get an offer for free junk car removal, but because the salvage operator is only going to sell the scrap for recycling weight, they will not make much on it and will not want to pay much for it. The junk car buyer has to look at the value of recoverable profit for the salvage yard, so be prepared that that offer you get may be lower than you want when you sell a junk car. 

For more information on how to sell your junk car, contact a professional near you.